Leading Swedish manufacturer of

thermosetti​ng resin floor coatings​


For those who have high demands on the surface!​​

Eradur AB is a specialised manufacturer of thermosetting resin coatings for use on floors, walls, and ceilings in exposed environments. A joint-free floor made of thermosetting plastic, so-called, compound floor, is a very functional and robust solution for those who carry on operations with heavy loads, high wear and harsh chemicals, but also for those who are looking for an easy-clean and hygienic floor. The built-in strength of the material in combination with the right structure will give you a strong and durable, in addition to long-lasting and functional floor.

​The Company

Eradur AB was founded in 1995 by the brothers Tomas and Per-Åke Bergström. Since 2001 we have been housed in our modern tailor-made factory at Väla Industrial park in Helsingborg, where we develop and manufacture all of our products.

In 2003 we started Eradur Sp.z o.o. in Warsaw, together with local partners. This company is today one of Poland's largest installer of seamless resin flooring and has successfully installed approximately three million square meters of Eradur products. Eradur AB is a privately owned company with an adaptation of the traditional decision process of big corporations. 

After more than 25 years in the industry, we have a complete product range and leading expertise. We help you design the right flooring solution and can also offer customised products with short lead times if needed.

​For all kinds of substrates

A seamless coating is like a protective skin for the substrate, protecting against wear and other deteriorating effects. With the right choice of coating, materials such as concrete and asphalt can be strengthened, thereby providing significantly better resistance to point loads.

​Most substrates can be coated after a proper pretreatment; concrete, levelling compounds, metals, wood and board products, asphalt and more.

​It does not matter if the surfaces are new or old, the conditions may differ but are solved by choosing the right pretreatment.

Our environmental responsibility

The construction market is constantly evolving with new products and methods. The market players must work together to ensure that the materials and methods used lead to sustainable construction. From thinking resource-efficiently at every stage to not incorporating substances that can endanger health or nature in the long term. Eradur works systematically to improve the environmental performance of our products and although our factory has as low emissions as under 100 kg per fiscal year, we continue to work on process improvements to ensure that all raw material becomes a finished product.

We do not use any raw materials that are included in the Swedish Chemicals Agency (KemI) "substances restriction database", or ECHA's "Candidate list" and raw materials on the watch lists are substituted as soon as we find a technical solution. We are also working to reduce our need for fossil raw materials. Our Polyurethane product range is largely based on castor oil obtained from plant life.

A seamless floor from Eradur is a sustainable investment, mainly thanks to its long service life, but also because it helps simplify cleaning and significantly reduced the need for environmentally harmful chemicals.

​Our market segments

Eradur products are mainly used in industrial environments and as floors in heavily loaded public places, both in new constructions and in renovations. Each environment has its type of load on the floor, which is why we recommend solutions with the best property profile for the specific environment.


Eradur flooring systems work well in most industrial environments. Depending on the type of production, you design the system to withstand the load that is present, and if necessary, you can add features such as slip resistance, electrical diversion, colour coding, etc. Our standard coatings at a thickness of at least 4 mm give a good reinforcement of the underlying concrete and have excellent resistance to mechanical abrasion and impact. We also have systems that are optimised for the chemical industry, with excellent resistance to e.g. solvents, alkali, and acids or hot lye in the paper industry. Our floors are easy to clean and maintain, and you can avoid costly interruptions in production because you won't need floor restructuring for many years to come.

Food industry

Food preparation is by nature a demanding activity, where hygienics and the working environment are in constant focus. In particular, three properties make seamless resin flooring the best solution; 

1. It lacks joints where dirt, moisture, and bacteria can easily accumulate. 

2. Good slip resistance can be designed for personnel safety. 

3. It's resistance to organic acids and other heavy loads is an advantage.


Good accessibility to well-organised and attractive parking areas is a success factor for everything from business galleries to residential areas. To achieve this in the long term, it is a great advantage to invest in an easy-to-clean, seamless resin compound coating. Eradur Traffic / Parking has been designed to offer easy care and durable surface protection. It manages to stop road salt, ice, and water, or any combination of the them, from penetrating the concrete and causing corrosion of the steel reinforcements and it resists both the abrasion and the chemicals typical of vehicles. The system includes line marking solutions for parking spaces and traffic lanes.

Public environments

Stores and business galleries are investing heavily in a collaboration of function and design. A seamless floor is durable and can be made in a variety of colours and effects, such as Eradur® Compact coloured sand floor and Eradur® Terrazzo. Sometimes a classic industrial floor like Eradur® Massive is desired to create a rustic impression. Walking areas in sports halls and other public arenas are also subject to severe abrasion, and a non-slip coating such as Eradur® Structure is an excellent alternative. Not least in the dressing room and shower areas.


Here, it is above all communal areas that need easy-clean, durable and functional floors. Examples are laundry rooms and recycling rooms. Seam-free coatings are also suitable for balconies and attics. Ecryl® Structure is a product that combines rapid installation and good outdoor resistance. It is, therefore, suitable for small, complex surfaces both in- and outdoors...

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