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What is Epoxy?

Epoxy resin for flooring is a two-component product where the base consists of a low molecular weight epoxy (molecular weight <700) and a hardener of an amine solution. In general, epoxy has a very high ability to adhere to most materials (due to very low surface tension and low shrinkage). Epoxy can be made chemical and/or heat resistant, impervious to liquids and diffusion-proof

Advantages of epoxy used as industrial flooring are:

  1. It is odorless.

  2. It is emission free (does not emit air pollution).
  3. High variation possibilities, such as. ESD, chemical-resistant, and flexible solutions.

Epoxy coatings have an average life span of 10-30 years. The service life depends on how severely exposed it's to various chemicals, temperature differences, abrasion, etc. In addition to the formulation of the plastic, the choice of filler and ballast is also affected by the properties of the coating. Generally, epoxy coatings are chemical resistant and abrasion-resistant. Solvent-free epoxy products have low volatility and are not flammable. During construction, you can continue to operate on the premises with modest effect. A faint odor can be sensed during the curing process. When working with epoxy, the work area must be marked with tape or similar. The curing time for epoxy is about one day per layer before you can enter the floor. If there's a person who is hypersensitive to epoxy products they ought not to be in the vicinity until it has cured.

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