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Food​ industry

Organic acids and a lot of wetness are the everyday life of the food industry. Often in combination with high heat. If the floor cannot handle this, it can result in large costs in the form of production stoppages and repair work.

​Eradur has a great deal of experience from many types of business, including large kitchens, breweries, dairies, and slaughterhouses. Too often, the problems are already very large when we are contacted, and this has given us a great deal of knowledge about customer problems that have arisen. We have primers for all types of substrates that are heavily contaminated or moist such as concrete and clinker and our performance plastics have high resistance to fats, acids, and heat.

Dealing with these problems requires knowledge and experience. On the one hand, choosing the right coating, on the other hand, planning the stops effectively so that it is as short as possible.

The advantage of choosing a thermosetting floor in food production:

  • A porous-free and completely dense coating.
  • Very durable against the acidic environment caused by food debris, etc.
  • High impact resistance.
  • Large variation possibilities regarding slip resistance.
  • An easy-to-clean seamless surface with great potential for cases.


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