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What is polyurethane?

Two-component polyurethanes consist of a hydroxy-functional base and a hardener containing isocyanates. Polyurethane flooring components are normally not volatile or flammable and have a foul odor.​

The benefits of polyurethane as an industrial floor are:

  1. Very abrasion-resistant.
  2. Withstands high temperatures, can, for example be cleaned with steam.
  3. Good flexible properties.

Vapors from the hardener-component contain isocyanates. Direct skin contact with isocyanates is moderately irritating. The isocyanates used today have low volatility or are prepolymers of isocyanates, ie. they are pre-reacted to get better working environment characteristics. Eradur AB uses only low volatility isocyanates. A person who has previously experienced isocyanate asthma can have difficult problems with even very low levels of isocyanates in the air and should not be in the proximity when the coating work is going on. If you are bothered when working with isocyanates, you should immediately change the vicinity and breathe in the fresh air and not be left alone. the work area must be marked with tape or similar from the rest of the room and other work must not occur within the marked area. The rest of the room is affected very little and other work can proceed without restrictions if ventilation is deemed to be sufficient. The curing time for polyurethane floors is normally about a day.

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