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thermosetti​ng resin floor coatings​

Other environments

A floor has a great impact on the overall impression of an environment where people work. A bright and clean floor raises the room and gives a good feeling. Unfortunately, the wear is often extensive and, for example, a shop floor must be able to withstand the high strain that thousands of cartwheels make.

These types of environments require a durable, aesthetically pleasing floor, and at the same time, it should be easy to clean. Because our coatings are seamless, they are also easy to clean, and they can withstand the commonly used cleaning methods with e.g. a scrubber.

Eradur coatings can also be combined in a variety of ways regarding shape and color. From decorative natural stone floors to colored sand floors. All to get you as personalized as possible. It adds greater value to your customers, and satisfied customers will come back!



Exhibit rooms

Public spaces

Arenas/Sport halls

Animal stables

Hopsitals/residental care

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