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Industry Standards

Floor connection details

The following instructions come from the trade association SVEFF.

Dilation joints and cracks

For existing dilatation joint/crack, connection with the elastic joint can be made visible (see also cracks).

Expansion joints and cracks

Connection to a new and existing expansion/dilation joint is carried out with a triangular recess towards goods. The elastic sealant should be as wide as deep and placed on a dense bottom material.


Where applicable, the product supplier recommends that plastering is carried out and a comprehensive seamless floor is laid over cracks. In special cases, with wide cracks, sawing is performed through the floor and joints are made in grooves.

Prefabricated cold room walls

Connection to prefabricated cold room wall.

Phase: width 20-30 mm, height 20-30 mm.

Floor wells and gutters

Connections to wells, floor trenches, etc. In concrete castings are carried out with triangular recesses against the castings. Width 20-50 mm, height 10-30 mm.

Difference in floor levels

At mid-floor connections, a recess is made so that a smoother transition and reinforcement is obtained.

Raising a floor well

A PM-ring is used at existing wells as elevation, e.g. when changing the surface coating from the plastic mat.

Skirting and coved skirting before flooring

Coved skirting: height 50-200 mm, radius 30 mm. Coved skirting applied before flooring.

Skirting and coved skirting after flooring

Coved skirting: height 50-200 mm, radius 30 mm. Coved skirting applied after flooring.

Skirting and coved skirting against plastic mat on walls

Plastic mat on wall

Skirting design.

Skirting and coved skirting against ceramic tiles on walls

Ceramic tile on wall

Skirting design. Ceramic tiles can be applied after plinth with an overlap of 20-30 mm. The thickness of the skirting at the overlap becomes 1-2 mm.

Coating of stairs

Coating of stairs. ''Exposed Edge'' is provided with stainless steel/aluminum nozzle 50-70 x 5 mm alt. L-iron/profile.

Connection to stainless steel wells and gutters

Connection to stainless steel wells, gutters and grease separators.

Threshold lists and embankments

Structure for threshold stips, embankment and water rejection.

Connection around door frames

A cut-out and surface-mounted connection around door frames between wet areas.

Connection to pipe entry

Connection of stainless steel and plastic casing around pipe penetration in concrete floors.


Here you will find documents from our trade association SVEFF.


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