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In parking facilities, there is a tough climate. In winter, there will be plenty of snow and ice that will cause salts and pollution. Cars leak chemicals and studded tires tear the surface. If the concrete is unprotected, it does not take long before it begins to break down. Choosing a good sealing layer is a prerequisite for minimizing the risk of injury and getting better finances.

When we supply a parking garage coating, we offer a waterproofing layer that prevents water, chemicals, contaminants, and salts. In some cases, a soft crack bridging membrane is also required which absorbs movement in the substrate and prevents the coating from cracking. The result is a hard and durable topcoat that can withstand chemicals and wear from hard abrasive traffic and tire tires. The coating also results in a light, easy-cleaned surface with anti-slip protection that gives a fresh and modern impression.


  • Arlanda

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  • BRF Edsbacka

  • Södersjukhuset

  • Lindholmspiren

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